There are many projects that will improve the children’s lives beyond essential needs.  You can make a difference to the Children at Hope by making a donation through the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill, a 501 c3 organization.


The projects shown below represent specific areas of current need.  The Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill is actively raising funds to support these and other projects,  You can join us in making a difference in the lives of the children of Hope by making a donation.

Water Project

Water comes to Hope either piped in by the community well or by harvesting rainwater.  Water from the community well must be filtered through a filtration process to remove iron deposits and debris.  The current filter system is outdated and keeps breaking down.  In addition the building that houses the girls dormitory does not have running water.

Donate to Water Project

Stove Project

Several years ago, the Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill fundraised for a large stove for Hope. The stove has been in operation cooking three meals per day for 40-50 children and staff.  It has already begun to wear out and require replacement parts.

Donate to Stove Project

Solar Panels

In Guyana, reliability of electricity supply is low, and is characterized by frequent and long outages, load discharges and voltage variations.  In response to this issue, the Rotary clubs and private donors have funded solar panels and batteries to help alleviate the blackouts.  More solar panels are needed and the batteries need replacing from time to time.

Donate to Solar Panels


Batteries are an essential component of the electrical system and need to be replaced from time to time.

Donate to Batteries


The current Hope building was constructed for no more than 20 children however shortly after it opened, the demand for Hope quickly doubled to 40 and then 50 children. 

Recognizing the need for more space, the Church of Christ purchased nearby land and started the new building project. This large project has been a slow but continuous project over the years and will need much more resources before completion.


Stage One - Site Selected

Stage Two - Construction of Foundation

Stage Three - First Floor Beams

Stage Four - Laying Cement Blocks for First Floor Walls and Floor

Additional funds are required to continue the remaining stages of construction including adding the second floor, roof, furniture, staffing, and finally the GRAND OPENNING!  Your ongoing support will enable us to see this major project to completion and provide hope for the future children of Guyana.